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DIY: Wood Crate Platform Bed

Platform Bed made from Wood Crates

My first DIY post!

For this first DIY, I decided to feature an idea I had for creating a storage platform for my bed. Though I didn’t see this idea on Pinterest, there were many other similar ideas, and as for many things that I find on Pinterest, I didn’t know I wanted this until I saw it.

The first idea that I saw was this Farmhouse Storage Bed by Birds and Soap, Soap and Birds. I really liked the idea of having some storage space under the bed, especially since I was becoming tired of the bed frame that I currently had. There are so many great idea for this storage platform on Pinterest that I didn’t exactly know where to start. There were several people who used two bookcases from IKEA. The closest IKEA is 5 hours away and it costs a fortune to have anything shipped from them, so I went online in search of something else that would do the trick. I was unsuccessful at finding anything for a price that I could live with. For about four months I battled with what to do, and even considered trying to build something myself, but I am not good with tools so I wanted an easy idea. I had pretty much given up hope when I happened to be browsing Pinterest – once again – and saw that someone had created a coffee table with some wood crates.

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