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Burlap & Raffia

Burlap & Raffia (1)We got our first Hobby Lobby maybe about two years ago. Before that I didn’t even know such a store existed. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. My most recent trip landed me there when flowers were 50% off. I had been waiting for them to go on sale so that I could bring some life to my apartment. I am not good with keeping real plants alive and I have a couple cats, so real flowers don’t last long in my house. I decided to do more than just buy some flowers and stick them in vases. That isn’t very DIY, so I also picked up some burlap ribbon and some raffia to create these cute vases.

As I was walking around the store, I had a slightly different idea in my head than what I actually ended up doing. But that is how the creative process goes, and you just work with it. Continue reading


DIY: Bathroom Update

DIY MondaysI have lived in my apartment for about 6 years now and have finally gotten tired of the 20 year old wallpaper. Stripping wallpaper and painting is quite a job for someone who hasn’t done home repairs before. Unfortunately, I don’t have any before pictures, which really stinks because the paper was horrible (definitely not the worst I have seen, but bad) – It had little red strawberries and blue leaves. This left me with a very limited color scheme to work with, and for someone who likes to be able to change things frequently, I was ready for something other than red and blue towels. So one day I just decided to rip some wallpaper off the wall. It felt really good! I don’t have a big bathroom, and one wall is entirely wood, so there wasn’t a lot to take off. However, it still took me a whole Saturday and some of Sunday to get it all off, fill holes, and sand everything down. Continue reading

DIY: Metal Decor

DIY  Metal ArtI just got back from vacation, and I thought that I would have gotten a lot more done – but no blog entries got posted last week. Anyway, this week’s DIY isn’t really a huge project, but it was something that I had wanted to do – so I thought I would put it up.

On to the project…

Other than paintings, I am not very brave when it comes to using other items to decorate my walls. However, a Hobby Lobby was built downtown recently and I have been inspired. When I first discovered Hobby Lobby, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I had never been to a store that had so many amazing decor items. My friend and I probably spent a good 3 hours there the first time. I found three great square metal wall pieces that I fell in love with. They were not in my color scheme so I dismissed them several times. Then they went on sale, and when things go on sale at Hobby Lobby they are usually 50% off. I figured for that, I could spray paint them. Though I hadn’t ever spray painted anything before, the idea fit into my new resolution to try new things and work on some projects. Plus, there are so many great spray painting DIYs out there.

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DIY: Wood Crate Platform Bed

Platform Bed made from Wood Crates

My first DIY post!

For this first DIY, I decided to feature an idea I had for creating a storage platform for my bed. Though I didn’t see this idea on Pinterest, there were many other similar ideas, and as for many things that I find on Pinterest, I didn’t know I wanted this until I saw it.

The first idea that I saw was this Farmhouse Storage Bed by Birds and Soap, Soap and Birds. I really liked the idea of having some storage space under the bed, especially since I was becoming tired of the bed frame that I currently had. There are so many great idea for this storage platform on Pinterest that I didn’t exactly know where to start. There were several people who used two bookcases from IKEA. The closest IKEA is 5 hours away and it costs a fortune to have anything shipped from them, so I went online in search of something else that would do the trick. I was unsuccessful at finding anything for a price that I could live with. For about four months I battled with what to do, and even considered trying to build something myself, but I am not good with tools so I wanted an easy idea. I had pretty much given up hope when I happened to be browsing Pinterest – once again – and saw that someone had created a coffee table with some wood crates.

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