Burlap & Raffia

Burlap & Raffia (1)We got our first Hobby Lobby maybe about two years ago. Before that I didn’t even know such a store existed. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. My most recent trip landed me there when flowers were 50% off. I had been waiting for them to go on sale so that I could bring some life to my apartment. I am not good with keeping real plants alive and I have a couple cats, so real flowers don’t last long in my house. I decided to do more than just buy some flowers and stick them in vases. That isn’t very DIY, so I also picked up some burlap ribbon and some raffia to create these cute vases.

As I was walking around the store, I had a slightly different idea in my head than what I actually ended up doing. But that is how the creative process goes, and you just work with it.

Burlap & Raffia_suppliesThe flowers were 50% off, the two vases were $2 each, and though the burlap was a little more expensive, I had a 40% off coupon, so overall, I got a deal. The raffia came from WalMart for under $2. I also ended up needing something to weigh the vases down with. Once I started putting the flowers in the vases, I was worried that they were going to tip over because of their small size. So I grabbed a couple handfuls of rocks that I hadn’t used when I set up my fish tank and put them in the bottom of the vases. Weird…but it worked!

The burlap ribbon was about 4 inches wide. I folded it in half, because it was too wide for the vases. Then I wrapped it around each vase, measured, and cut the length that I needed. At first I was trying to make sure the edges all lined up and overlapped perfectly at the back, but then I noticed that “messy” actually looked better. I used a glue gun to glue the burlap to itself in a few places – I did not glue it to the vase. Then I pulled apart the raffia until I had about seven or so pieces (I started out with more, but the bows came out too big, so I redid it).

I had to hold the vases between my knees as I tied the bows soBurlap & Raffia_prep I could make sure that each bow was tight enough. I put just a little glue behind the bow so that it would stick to the burlap. They didn’t seem like they were going to come undone so I didn’t glue anything else. Though I bought two vases and two bunches of flowers, I actually had three vases to do, because I liked the way they came out so much that I decided to do the other one that I had. Each one came out a little bit different, and I really like them. Probably the most challenging part was getting the flowers the right length and getting them to stand in the best way. But the rocks really helped to keep them in place.

While I was working on this, I also thought it would also be cool to glue a couple different buttons on it. Really any kind of ornamental piece would be nice. I have always thought buttons were cool, so maybe one day I will come across a bunch of really cool ones and find something creative to do with them.


Here are the final results:

Purple hydrangea Pink Orange hydrangea Wildflowers


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