Food: Chourico Stir-Fry

Moved2Create | Chourico Stiry-FryI came up with this combination myself. Couldn’t decide what to have for dinner – so while I was just wandering around the grocery store, I tried to think of what sounded good. This is usually when good ideas come to me. Walking by the meat case, I noticed the Chourico and thought a stir fry would be just the thing. I have been trying to eat more vegetables, so I thought I would add a couple different veggies and see if it would all go together.

I talked a little bit about Linguica and Chourico in my Kale Soup post, but Chourico (shudees) is a hot Portuguese sausage. You can also get Linguica (lingweesa), which is a mild Portuguese sausage. But for this recipe you can use kielbasa or any other type of sausage.




9oz box of frozen snap peas (simply steam in the bag)
Medium crown of broccoli
Medium summer squash
16oz pk Chourico (or sausage of choice)
2 cups instant white rice


Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Makes: 4 servings


1. Take one of the sausage links (8oz) and slice it down the middle length-wise and then cut into pieces. Place them in a medium hot frying pan with a little olive oil, stirring occasionally.

32. While sausage is cooking, cut up broccoli and summer squash and put in a pan with a little water. Put on high and keep a cover over it until they start to boil. I like my vegetables a little crispy, but how much you cook them is up to you. They will get cooked a little more once you add them to the sausage.

3. Put bag of sugar snap peas in the microwave for the required time.

4. When the broccoli and summer squash are tender, add them to the sausage in the frying pan. Do the same with the peas when they are done. The broccoli, summer squash, and peas were all done at pretty much the same time for me.

5. Once you take the peas out of the microwave, put the two cups of rice in the microwave. While that is cooking, put a cover over the frying pan and let the mixture cook on low until the rice is done. You could even use some stir-fry sauce or a little soy sauce, but I liked just the basic vegetables.

 Then serve.


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