DIY: Metal Decor

DIY  Metal ArtI just got back from vacation, and I thought that I would have gotten a lot more done – but no blog entries got posted last week. Anyway, this week’s DIY isn’t really a huge project, but it was something that I had wanted to do – so I thought I would put it up.

On to the project…

Other than paintings, I am not very brave when it comes to using other items to decorate my walls. However, a Hobby Lobby was built downtown recently and I have been inspired. When I first discovered Hobby Lobby, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I had never been to a store that had so many amazing decor items. My friend and I probably spent a good 3 hours there the first time. I found three great square metal wall pieces that I fell in love with. They were not in my color scheme so I dismissed them several times. Then they went on sale, and when things go on sale at Hobby Lobby they are usually 50% off. I figured for that, I could spray paint them. Though I hadn’t ever spray painted anything before, the idea fit into my new resolution to try new things and work on some projects. Plus, there are so many great spray painting DIYs out there.

I picked up two colors of spray paint at WalMart (Rust-oleum Gloss Productive Enamel in Fern GreenMoved2Create-inst and Krylon ColorMaster Paint & Primer in Watermelon), some sandpaper, and a mask. I sanded down the two pieces that were the wrong color. Though I sanded the pieces inside because of how cold it was outside, I knew I was going to have to spray them outside. For this, I pulled out the box from my recently purchased printer and put together a box that would shield the pieces from the wind as I sprayed them.

Once I had sprayed one side thoroughly, I brought the whole box back inside to dry so that it was not stuck out in the cold. I have to say it was very hard to wait the specified number of hours before flipping the pieces over to spray the other side. My impatience caused a few drips and smudges, but overall it was good for a first try. Though I did find the exact colors that I wanted (and they turned out perfectly), I didn’t pay attention to the finish type. So when it was all done, the two newly painted ones were more glossy than the original one. Once they were completely dry, I measured out the corners and put some tack in the wall to hang them all side by side. For something a little extra, I also put up some letters that I got from Hobby Lobby. I can’t wait to put these up against a cream wall instead of the odd wallpaper that is behind them right now.

The Final Product….

Metal Art Decor











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