500 Word Challenge: Day 21

500 word challenge day 21Day 21: Confess something

My confession: I am obsessed with television shows. That sums it up. I am a binge-watcher. Most of the time, I am proud of it, but it isn’t something that I bring up in every conversation. I don’t want people thinking I am crazy. But, this is my blog, so I am going to lay it all out there. I spend most of my free time watching (or rewatching) TV shows. I have a wide range of interests when it comes to what I like to watch: Stargate SG-1The West Wing, American Pickers, and the craziness goes on from there.

To put the complete truth out there, I thought I would give you an example of what a random day in the life of Leah looks like.

I get up about 5:30 in the morning, feed the animals, and take a shower. I have an iPad, which has probably enabled my binge-watching quite a bit. The damn thing is so portable! So I usually set it up on the bathroom vanity with whichever show I am currently watching. It probably takes me twice as long to get ready, because I am constantly pausing to watch an especially riveting part of an episode. The only time that I pause it while I am doing my hair and makeup is when I have the hairdryer on, because I wouldn’t want to miss any dialogue of a show I have seen a couple times already. Once my hair and face are done, I have to find something to wear, which usually means ironing some clothes. Well, that iPad goes with me. It sits on my dresser as I pull out clothes; it sits on the ironing board as I iron my shirt; it sits on the vanity as I pick out jewelry. Basically, it is attached to me. If I have time to make breakfast – which I normally don’t because I wasted too much time watching the iPad – the device goes with me and sits on the counter as I make my food. As I am walking out the door, I turn the iPad off and drive to work. I don’t usually think about the show too much while at work, but as soon as I get home I kick my shoes off and jump into some comfy clothes. For the evening portion of my binge-watching, I usually put Netflix on the TV so I can be comfortable while I watch. But, if I need to make dinner or do some house cleaning, I get the old iPad out and set it on the sill above the sink. And I watch it until I absolutely have to go to bed. I even fall asleep watching TV some nights.

Not every day is like that, but I have to admit that it happens frequently. Other people have friends, sports, and clubs they attend; I just prefer to spend my free time with my favorite characters. I am completely aware that there are many problems with this obsession, as there are with any obsession. I have recently made some changes in my viewing habits so that I can work on some of the other things that I like to do (such as writing, reading, and playing the piano).

WC: 550


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4 thoughts on “500 Word Challenge: Day 21

  1. christinelewisartwork January 22, 2015 at 11:54 am Reply

    Hmmm, this flowed like water! It was very natural and easy to read. It seemed like I read it so fast. It was weird ( the way I read it, I mean). Good job, and you know, the first step in getting help is admitting there is a problem. Lol, only half kidding! I love you! Good writing.

    • Moved2Create January 22, 2015 at 1:43 pm Reply

      Thank you! Though I have no problem admitting that I have a problem, I procrastinate on figuring how and when I am going to address it.

  2. […] time that I had sat down and thought about what effect binge-watching was having on my life (see Day 21 of my 500 Word Challenge to read more about how television has taken over my life). All of my friends are the same as I am. […]

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