500 Word Challenge: Day 13

500-Word-Challenge-Day-13Day 13 – Tell us about your day.

Well, maybe I should start with telling you a little more about what I actually do. I am the College Transitions (CT) Instructor for our local Adult Education program. If you want to go to college, whether you recently graduated from high school or have been out of school for 20 years, we help get you ready. Every student is a little bit different, but in general we try to help building reading, writing, math, and computer skills. Since I am the only instructor for the CT program, I teach and/or tutor all of the classes. These classes help improve college placement test scores and make sure that the student is ready for college-level courses. Along with prep courses, we also offer workshops on college applications and course registration. Fortunately for us, we are located in one of the local community colleges’ off-campus sites, which gives us the added benefit of helping students register for classes and then continuing to see them as they go through their first semester of classes. Along with my Instructor position, I am also our HiSET Supervisor (the GED is probably a more popular high school equivalency exam, but our state recently switched to the HiSET). Basically, I proctor exams. It is definitely a rewarding job and keeps me running around.

So with all of that information, I can tell you a little about my day, though I have to say it wasn’t anything special. The weather here in New England has been quite chilly the last few weeks, dropping to -15 not counting the wind chill. I have a wood stove which is amazing, but it means that the house isn’t always warm when I wake up. As if waking up and getting yourself out of bed wasn’t bad enough, but when you know that you are going to be a bit chilly for the next hour or so, it makes it even worse. Motivation is hard to come by on cold winter mornings when the sun doesn’t come up until you are already on your way to work. My classes on Tuesday mornings start at 8am, so I like to be in the office early to make sure everything is in order. Though I am not a morning person, I do like it when I get out of the house and get to work a little early. If I time it just right I don’t even get stuck behind the school buses!

The only upside to the morning is that my car is parked in the garage so I don’t have to brush off the snow that accumulated sometime over night. I am so excited that I finally got my studded-snow tires put on this weekend (better late than never) and felt pretty indestructible as I drove to work on the messy roads. It really isn’t anything new, and at this point in the season, the snowy roads are pretty normal. I love listening to music, and usually have it quite loud as I sing at the top of my lungs. This is what really wakes me up in the morning. My music choices vary day to day, but this morning it was The Band Perry.

Tuesday morning class is Math and everyone is usually doing something a little bit different. Some people are working on fractions – other people are working on algebra. So I make my way around the room and help when I am needed. Math is definitely not everyone’s favorite subject so I try to break the tension with a brief discussion about the 2015 Reading Challenge that I have posted up on my board. I love talking about books, so it is always interesting to see how many of my students are big readers. Plus I even got a few books suggestions. We did eventually get back to some math. Though I never thought I would say it, I understand more math now that I did when I was in school.

Lunch time doesn’t really give me a lot of time to actually eat lunch. I am usually sorting paperwork, making copies, or getting another cup of coffee. Today was no different. Along with all of that I had quite a list of phone calls to make. Between Thanksgiving and New Years a lot of students fall off track and January is the time for me to rein them all back in. With my lunch hour over, I was ready to do some HiSET testing. My first appointment was coming to my classroom so I didn’t have to go anywhere, but my second appointment this evening was in a different town. Usually I don’t mind packing up all my stuff and driving the 15 minutes to the other school, but on these frigid days I just want to stay in my office (which I wouldn’t say is very warm either). But I made my way to the other appointment, proctored a test, and then made my way back to office and put everything away.

By this time it is 7pm and I am definitely ready to head home. By some miracle, my house is still cozy and the cats (I have three of them) are there waiting for me – not to greet me, but to demand food. My evenings at home aren’t really anything too exciting. Getting home at 7pm doesn’t leave you a lot of time to get much done, so I usually just crash on the couch and catch some TV – which is what I did tonight. I am looking at the Christmas decorations that still haven’t made their way into boxes and knowing I really need to take care of them….soon. Despite the length of this post, I don’t think it was necessarily interesting, but it completed the assignment!

WC: 965


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