500 Word Challenge: Day 8



For Day 8, I am supposed to make a list. I am thinking of finding a new apartment to rent. Right now, most of what I am using belongs to my roommate, so there are several things that I would need (or would like to) buy to make the new place really me.


Couch. I have one cat who has pretty much shredded the couch that I have. It is embarrassing to have people over because there is filling coming out all over the place. I found a love seat online that I really like!

Chair. Though the chair isn’t as badly shredded as the couch, I would really like to get something that will match the new love seat. The chair that I found is actually and chair and a half, which I don’t think I have seen before.

Headboard. I have a bed frame and headboard, but it is really wobbly and old. Instead of buying a new one, I am going to see if I can make my frame a little more secure and then DIY a headboard with some really cool fabric.

Cookware. Right now I am using my roommates’ pots and pans, and I would really like to own my own set. I do love to cook, so I would want to make sure that I had three different size pots, and at least two frying pans.

Dishes. I have such a wild assortment of dishes and bowls, some of which I have had since college, others I bought completely at random because I loved them so much. I like when things mix and match, but I would like there to be some kind of theme. I would like to have one set of dishes that I use on a regular bases and for when I have friends over. Something fun and bright, like chevrons and stripes. Then a second set that is more age-appropriate for real sit down meals for special occasions. For this I am thinking blues and white. They can be striped, floral, or polka dotted.

Glasses. This is the same as the dishes. I would like a set of random ones for me and friends, and then a set that go with the more formal set of dishes. I would really like some regular glasses and some nice wine glasses.

Silverware. Again, I have about three different sets of silverware all mixed together. I am really picky about my silverware, so I am nervous to see how expensive a nice set will be.

Geekery. Though I would like to contain most of my geek to one area of the house, I want my personality to flow through the house place. So I will definitely have to think of little ways to throw in geek details in each room. My living room will probably double as my office, like it does now. I have a nice long row of bookcases, but I want to buy some posters or artwork of some kind that shows my TV obsessions. I also saw this really cool “geek” sign that I would like.

WC: 515


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