500 Word Challenge: Day 7

500-Word-Challenge-Day-7jpgDay 7 – Write a letter to your younger self.

Take school more seriously. I think most adults tell young people this, but as kids you just don’t want to listen to what the old people say. Well, they were telling the truth. Sure, you are pretty smart and things come easily for you, but when you get older you are really going to wish you had paid more attention and actually done all the homework.

Be curious about all kinds of things. You are going through a phase right now, and it is probably horses. But there are other really cool things out there that you could be learning about. Expand your horizons, try new things. Being interested in and knowledgeable about a wide range of things will help you be more well-rounded and have opinions about more topics. It is so much more fun to talk in a crowd when you have all that to draw from.

Keep up with the writing. You have such a great imagination, so never stop writing. Don’t worry about how geeky it sounds that you like to read and write. Practice writing, don’t just read books about it. Apply all that stuff that you are learning or you will regret all the stories that are still locked away in your brain and not written down on paper.

Save money and be careful with your credit. These are two things that I wish I had learned more about at a younger age. It still shocks me how algebra is drilled into you, but they don’t teach you about investments and interest. Don’t be lazy, pay things on time, and learn about good ways to save money. Don’t ever get an Amazon Prime account!

Care about your car and for the love of God, pay attention to stop signs! Be extra cautious on a rainy day in August of 2008. It is a road you drive all the time, but the road is slick, so slow down. Get your oil changed regularly. Have your Dad show you how to check your oil, how to change a tire, and explain a little about what is under the hood. Definitely save your money and invest in a good car, it will save you a lot of headache!

Life isn’t like it is the fairytales, but I think you already know that. But that plan that you have: by the time you are 25 you will be married, own a house, and have a reliable job that you love going to every day. Yeah, that one. It doesn’t happen for everyone. There is no doubt that if you made some different decisions in your life (like paid more attention in school and weren’t such a geek) those things might have happened. But don’t put yourself into that mold. Be yourself. Live a little more, but still be a geek! There is never a time in your life when you say “I feel like an adult”. You just have to start acting like one. You don’t turn 25 and suddenly everything just clicks into place. Unfortunately. What would the fun in that be? Just do what you love and try your best at everything you do, and then no matter what happens, you won’t have any regrets.

In 1999, when you hear about this great show that is on called The West Wing. WATCH IT! Yes, it is about politics, but seriously it is the best show ever. Though I got to watch it and enjoy it, I wish I had been watching it while it aired. It is just so much more exciting when you get to talk about it with other people and be in the hype of the first airing. You might even learn that politics can be interesting! Also, don’t make fun of your brother for watching the Sci-Fi channel. Sit down on the couch with him! You will find that Stargate is a great show a little bit sooner.

WC: 667


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