500 Word Challenge : Day 6

500-Word-Challenge-Day-6The prompt for Day 6 is to tell someone else’s story in some way.  A little disclaimer on the entry that follows: I feel that this entry is a bit of a cheat, but I found it very useful for me. If you are a fan of Sanctuary, you will no doubt pick up on what I am writing about. For those of you who have never seen the SyFy show Sanctuary, I didn’t make up this character and most of the details were created by Damien Kindler. I just pieced together a bunch of flashbacks from the show, and added some speculation. I am planning on writing another Sanctuary fanfiction and wanted to write out a history for Helen Magnus. I thought that this might be a good way to get started on it. Though I didn’t pull this information from my own imagination, it was still surprisingly hard to write. Again, it is the getting it from my head to the page – processing the information to get it on the page brought up a lot of questions that I hadn’t thought of before. It was good practice, and I will definitely be adding to this as I do research for my story.

She was born into a well-respected family. Her mother died shortly after giving birth to her, and not even her physician father could save her. Helen was left to herself much of the time, but was educated on many subjects and devoured any books that were given to her. As a child, she would stick up for the kids that got picked on, and would cheer up or encourage those who needed it. She made friends easily, usually those who enjoyed academic life as much as she did. As she grew up, she learned more about what her father did.

Her father was not just a doctor, he was a medical researcher. His current research was the beginning of a whole new world for Helen – the world of abnormals. She decided that science and medicine was where she wanted to focus her education. A young lady pursuing a college education was very uncommon at that time, and pursuing medicine was not even allowed. But Helen wasn’t one to give up or let the rules slow her down. She audited as many classes as she could and expanded her knowledge in cryptozoology, xenobiology, and teratology.

While at Oxford, she formed a small group of peers known as The Five. This group consisted of John Druitt, James Watson, Nikola Tesla, Nigel Griffith, and Helen herself. The Five discovered a way to bring out the latent abnormal genes, giving each member a different gift. This was a remarkable step in learning more about abnormal abilities, but it was only the beginning to a very long life for Helen. Helen’s “gift” was extremely decreased aging. The Five continued their work and went in search of other abnormals.

Helen and James started the Sanctuary, where they sheltered those that had no safe place to go and confined those that endangered others.Soon after Oxford, Helen and John Druitt were engaged. But it wasn’t long after that when Helen began seeing changes in John. Druitt’s “gift” was teleportation, but it was making him mad. He began brutally murdering women and would later be known as Jack the Ripper. Hunting down and killing your teleporting ex-fiancé was not an easy feat, but Helen made it her mission to hunt him down and stop the murders. Over the next 120 years Helen opened Sanctuaries around the world.

WC: 593


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