500 Word Challenge: Day 5

500-Word-Challenge-Day-5Well, Day 5 is here and I am supposed to write about the most important day of my life. I really haven’t had too many things happen to me. Though I have graduated from high school and college, they weren’t really that exciting. I haven’t gotten married or had kids. I don’t play sports. So, I don’t know if this is necessarily the most important day of my life, but it is a trip that really stands out in my mind.

Three years ago, my mother moved to Alaska. It was quite a big deal, since we live in New England. My mother and I are really close, so to have my mother move all the way across the US was a big deal. Last Mother’s Day, I finally got to fly out to see her and my stepdad. Before this trip, I hadn’t been further west than Pensacola, Florida. I was planning on going out for 10 days, which would give me plenty of time to explore Juneau and visit with my mom. After many phone calls about what kind of clothing I should bring and making sure to double-check my lists, I was ready to go! I love to fly. I love sitting in airports watching people. For the most part.

This trip started off with a delay at the first airport. At first I wasn’t too concerned. I pulled out my iPod and relaxed while I watched this one particular family. They had four kids, ranging from toddler to maybe 8. They were little monkeys – climbing all over the chairs and windows. I was very worried that these crazy kids were going to be on my flight. Apparently there was bad weather at our connecting airport in Philadelphia, so we were delayed an hour and a half – and I hadn’t even left home yet. Everyone was lined up at the desk trying to reschedule connecting flights. This was not my first time having to do this, and it was just me, so I was okay about it and very agreeable with the stressed airline workers. We did finally leave, and yes those kids were on the flight! But they were so well behaved once we got on the plane. Thank God!

Originally, I was supposed to have a very long layover in Seattle, so my mother had booked me a room at the Seattle airport hotel. However, with delays I couldn’t get a flight out of Philadelphia until the next day. Thankfully my mother is amazing, and she was able to cancel my stay in Seattle and get me one in Philadelphia. I am totally fine in airports. I can read signs, and as long as my layover is long enough I am pretty relaxed getting from one gate to another. But the hotel that I was going to be staying at in Philly was not at the airport, so I had to leave the airport. I am a small town girl and even though there was going to be a bus from the hotel coming to pick up people, I was still really nervous. After quite a hassle with the bus, I was finally on my way to the hotel. Though I have been to Pennsylvania before, that was farm country, not Philly. The hotel was not 5 stars, there was only internet in the lobby, and the room didn’t even have a clock. It was only for a couple hours, so why pay lots of money? The room was really clean, the bed was comfortable, and the staff was super nice.

It was a short night, and soon I was on my way back to the airport for my 5-6 hour flight to Seattle. I don’t mind long flights usually. I had downloaded some movies and TV shows onto my iPad, my iPod was fully charged, and I had a really good book. But you know, that is a LONG flight! I swear if I ever go to see her again, that stretch from Philly to Seattle is going to be first class! Anyway, I made it to Seattle and because of the delay and change of flights, I had a pretty short layover in Seattle and was soon on my way to Juneau. Juneau is in the southern most part of Alaska, on the little panhandle along British Columbia. It actually has similar weather to New England. My mom and stepdad were there at the Juneau airport to welcome me. The actual visit and tales of Alaska will be written on Day 25.

WC: 759


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One thought on “500 Word Challenge: Day 5

  1. christinelewisartwork January 15, 2015 at 10:25 pm Reply

    We want to hear how the rest of the trip went! : )

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