Bunheads : Part I

Since the second half of Season 1 has just begun, I figured I would write down some of my thoughts about the first half (Episodes 1-10). I decided to tune into this show because I am very into dance shows, and though most shows on ABC Family don’t catch my interest, I kept coming back for more of this one. I would not say that this show is a-mazing or that it’s in my “Top 10”, but it has a few things that made an impression on me.

It surprised me. Usually I can predict how these shows are going to unfold, which is why I get bored with them. This show however completely threw me! I was not expecting the pilot episode to end like that. And despite the typical teenage-drama in the show, it is smart and always gets me laughing.

Sutton Foster. I had never heard of her before I started watching this show, so if the only good thing that came of me watching Bunheads was to discover Sutton Foster, then I consider it a wonderful show. I usually do some research on new shows and find out what the actors have previously done. Since finding out that Sutton has been on Broadway, I have been addicted to the Broadway soundtracks for “Anything Goes“, “Shrek“, “Little Women”, and “Thoroughly Modern Millie” (even bough the piano music for some of them). Both Sutton and her character are so funny and her personality brings life to what I fear could have been a boring show.  I usually shy away from just posting a bunch of quotes, but for this instance, I couldn’t help myself. So here are a few Michelle lines:

“Hey, seriously, dude, keep ’em comin’ was not a euphemism!” (Pilot 1×1)

“She’s calling her mom and I’m walking an old guy’s dog and that’s not
even a sexual euphemism.” (For Fanny 1×2)

“Every day in your house is like a Kristen Wiig film festival.”
(Money for Nothing 1×5)

Fanny: “You’ll learn the routine and then liven it up in your own Michelle way, I’m sure.”  Michelle: “You mean with sarcasm and general hostility for the world?” (Movie Truck 1×6)

“No One Takes Khaleesi’s Dragons.” (1×9)

Great writing. I have never seen Gilmore Girls, so I don’t know if it is just an Amy Sherman-Palladino thing or not, but this show has some great lines! There are so many references to other things and if you catch them it is the greatest. And again I apologize for listing a bunch of quotes:

Fanny: “They just lopped my head off.”
Truly: “Game of Thrones.”
Fanny: “With no warning.”
Truly: “Ned Starked her.”
Michelle: “I’m rereading. I see nothing about a a head, a guillotine, an evil boy king with mommy issues.”

Sasha: “His name is Godot.”
Michelle: “Oh, so you’re all waiting for Godot? You’re so lucky you have fries.”

Michelle: “What book are you talking about?”
Sam: “Fifty Shades of Grey.”
Michelle: “Great. Sorry to interrupt the end of literature as we know it, but has anyone seen Fanny?”

What Disappointed Me:

There is a fake dance audition scene in the Pilot (can’t believe this is the only version on YouTube) that I just loved. Combine that with finding out that Sutton was a Broadway star, I had certain expectations. One of them being a lot more dancing involved! I love dancing, always have (though I am not a dancer). Even though it was not cool, I preferred to watch Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire movies rather than Friends. I was definitely disappointed by the lack of actual dancing in the show. Toward the end of the first half of the season there was some more Sutton dancing, but I am really hoping that the second half will show more.

Though I liked being surprised by the twist at the end of the Pilot, I was a little disappointed because I was looking forward to seeing Michelle and Hubbell’s relationship grow. I think it would have added another dimension to the show. He was such a sweet guy – maybe a little creepy.

Hubbell: “I promise you I won’t flee. I’ll be the one scientist who understands you. The one who knows that you’re not burning the city down because you’re evil, you’re burning the city down to protect the giant lizard eggs you just laid in a cave by the ocean. A cave that no one knows is there but me.”


Possibly the BEST scene in the show so far:


Where did I get the gifs:
Michelle Dancing
Possum Scene 1 & 2

* Basically . . . if you are looking for a show that has a lot of dancing, you are going to be disappointed, but if you are looking for some light comedy (or are obsessed with Sutton Foster) then you will enjoy.


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