Farscape :: Overall Impression

Thinking about all the elements that make this show so incredible is overwhelming. The writers created a timeline of events that keeps you engaged, laughing, and on edge. They managed to tie all four seasons together to map out some remarkable character development and sci-fi action. I love suspense, thrills, con movies, romances, comedy, and angst (I thrive on shows with angst), but this show has put new limits on how much of these things I can handle. This is a twisted show! The storylines are twisted, the villains are twisted, and the pain you go through is twisted. This show takes you to the breaking point then pushes a little bit further before letting you go. I don’t say this to discourage you! This is what makes this show so great and so interesting. The writers were able to take a common storyline and twist it into something spectacular. You never know what to think when it comes to this show. Just when you think you have seen it all, they throw in a Wiley E Coyote inspired episode, and there is even an episode that reminds me of Super Mario! It may sound weird, but it totally works with where the storyline is going at that point in the show! 

The characters are amazing as well. A group of misfits really who are thrown together and forced to work together in order to get home – common sci-fi theme. I have to admit that I made several attempts to watch this show. I think over the course of two years I watched the first episode three times. I was hesitant because of the aliens. My previous experience with science fiction does include some alien/non-human characters (Star Trek’s Worf, Stargate’s Asgard, Star Wars’ C-3PO and R2-D2, BSG’s cylons). It wasn’t so much the aliens as it was that there were puppets interacting with humans. Puppets! In an adult TV show. I am easily distracted by things such as bad graphics, bad special effects, and bad acting. So I was sure that these puppets were not going to blend in with the rest of the cast. The writers and the Creature Shop did an amazing job, because once I got past the second episode, I saw the character rather than the alien/puppet. And the actors who were playing opposite the puppets really helped sell it and make it believable. It’s like when you see a well done SFX scene–you don’t see the special effects – you see the action.

If you haven’t seen this show and you like Sci-Fi, Farscape is a must see! I can’t believe how close I came to not giving it another try. Plus, if you liked Ben Browder and Claudia Black in Stargate SG-1, you have to see them in this show!


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