Burlap & Raffia

Burlap & Raffia (1)We got our first Hobby Lobby maybe about two years ago. Before that I didn’t even know such a store existed. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. My most recent trip landed me there when flowers were 50% off. I had been waiting for them to go on sale so that I could bring some life to my apartment. I am not good with keeping real plants alive and I have a couple cats, so real flowers don’t last long in my house. I decided to do more than just buy some flowers and stick them in vases. That isn’t very DIY, so I also picked up some burlap ribbon and some raffia to create these cute vases.

As I was walking around the store, I had a slightly different idea in my head than what I actually ended up doing. But that is how the creative process goes, and you just work with it. Continue reading


How I Am Changing the Way I Eat

Changing the Way I EatI mentioned on Wednesday that I started Yoli – The Better Body System (BBS) this week as a way to start making some life changes. You can find that post HERE. Part of this lifestyle change is a complete overhaul of what I eat. I had gotten to a point where I was skipping breakfast everyday and hardly ever eating lunch. When I got home from work, I would grab something quick (which was usually junk). These habits had killed my energy; I had no motivation to do anything, and I was having a really hard time focusing. It had been months since I even posted anything on this blog – which really frustrated me.

Today is my 4th day on the system, and I cannot express enough how completely different I feel already. There is more to BBS than just changing your diet to fit a list of requirements; it is about understanding how your body uses food so that you can give it what it needs. So I want to take this Food Fridays post to talk about some of the changes I have made and why. Continue reading

My Introduction to Yoli

Beginning my journeyto a healthier me

After years of struggling with my weight, trying diets and gym memberships, I am pretty frustrated. I am currently at my highest weight and have been going around with the attitude that I don’t give a shit. I hardly ever eat breakfast or lunch, grab fast food at least once a week, eat junk food as I binge-watch television shows, and don’t do any exercising. I have no energy and have a hard time focusing. I work 40+ hours a week with a schedule that is far from 9 to 5. Plus, I just started the first class toward my Master’s degree, which will add 10+ hours of work to my schedule. So at this point it is very important that I have energy and am able to focus on what needs to get done. Two weeks ago, my mother called me. She was very excited about this new system that she had started, called Yoli. My aunt (who is a nurse) had started selling it after having great results. Being depressed about my weight and at a point where I really knew I need to change, I was willing to try it despite the price. Continue reading

Writing: To Binge or Not to Binge – Part 3

2This is Part 3 of my To Binge or Not to Binge series. You can find the other parts here: Part 1 & Part 2. Part 1 was an introduction to the idea of binge-watching, and Part 2 listed some points for binge-watching, and Part 3 will address some points against binge-watching.

Not to BingeAs much as I love binge-watching shows, I know that there are some drawbacks to this kind of viewing. So, I will attempt to address a few of the issues that I see. Continue reading

Writing: To Binge or Not to Binge – Part 2

1This is the second part of my “To Binge or Not to Binge” series – You can find Part 1 [HERE]. I am not sure how coherent this entry will be, because I love talking about television shows and am a binge-aholic. However, I will try to put it all together in some kind of organized way.

I have found that there are a few ways that binge watching has improved my viewing and increased the enjoyment I get from watching television shows. Continue reading

DIY: Bathroom Update

DIY MondaysI have lived in my apartment for about 6 years now and have finally gotten tired of the 20 year old wallpaper. Stripping wallpaper and painting is quite a job for someone who hasn’t done home repairs before. Unfortunately, I don’t have any before pictures, which really stinks because the paper was horrible (definitely not the worst I have seen, but bad) – It had little red strawberries and blue leaves. This left me with a very limited color scheme to work with, and for someone who likes to be able to change things frequently, I was ready for something other than red and blue towels. So one day I just decided to rip some wallpaper off the wall. It felt really good! I don’t have a big bathroom, and one wall is entirely wood, so there wasn’t a lot to take off. However, it still took me a whole Saturday and some of Sunday to get it all off, fill holes, and sand everything down. Continue reading

Food: Chourico Stir-Fry

Moved2Create | Chourico Stiry-FryI came up with this combination myself. Couldn’t decide what to have for dinner – so while I was just wandering around the grocery store, I tried to think of what sounded good. This is usually when good ideas come to me. Walking by the meat case, I noticed the Chourico and thought a stir fry would be just the thing. I have been trying to eat more vegetables, so I thought I would add a couple different veggies and see if it would all go together.

I talked a little bit about Linguica and Chourico in my Kale Soup post, but Chourico (shudees) is a hot Portuguese sausage. You can also get Linguica (lingweesa), which is a mild Portuguese sausage. But for this recipe you can use kielbasa or any other type of sausage.


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